Our Coaching Services

The services below are designed to make you the best paddler you can be in the lead up to your big day, or every big day you paddle for the rest of forever! Click on the headings for more details and options.

Training Series

Progress your skills at a rapid pace with our 4 week coaching blocks with 14 contact hours! 

Training Plans

Got a race that you want to smash but feel that its the paddle section that's going to let you down? Not if we can help it. Check out our detailed, affordable plans for Coast to Coast, Godzone, Redbull Defiance and more. Alternatively, we'll work with you to customise a plan that suits your specific needs.

Learn to Roll

We don't do these often so get in quick. It's been said that 90% of swims can be saved with a paddle stroke. But with an effective roll you can save 20-30minutes of stress and make the cut off should you be close.


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